Extend the pleasure and usefulness of your property into the night,

We design, install & maintain custom architectural & landscape lighting systems and all-weather entertainment solutions.

We will create a warm and functional place for gathering with friends & family, for creating lasting memories, and a place you can enjoy well into the night regardless of the season.

Security, Safety and Aesthetics


The three main purposes of landscape lighting are Security, Safety and Aesthetics, and a trained professional will consider all three of these before designing a new project. 

We create a outdoor lighting landscape & entertainment systems that will compliment your property and lifestyle using different techniques such as, uplighting, wash lighting, path lighting, feature accents, down lighting & tread lighting.


Design & Installation


We create custom architectural and landscape lighting systems using multiple techniques.

  • Uplighting

  • Wash lighting

  • Path lighting

  • Down / moonlighting

  • Tread lighting

  • Side & back lighting

  • Graze lighting

Annual Maintenance


To prolong the life of your system, we suggest annual maintenance.

  • Reset timers

  • Clean Fixtures

  • Re-Align

  • Performance check

  • Bulb replacement

  • Re-bury wires

  • Detailed report


Upgrades  & Modifications

We are equipped to handle all your modification and upgrade needs.

  • Tree and plant growth adjustment

  • Lens cleaning

  • Tune ups

  • Lamp Replacement

  • Additions

  • Fixture Reconfiguration

  • Upgrades

  • Part Repair/Replacement

Lighting for every occasion - there's an app for that

What if you could select between different lighting scenes on your property with the click of a button? You have the flexibility to do that from the convenience of your smart-phone.

The scenes we create are designed to match the varying needs of every client.

Path Lighting

Make the entirety of your property accessible and well-lit

Up Lighting

This attention grabbing effect dramatically highlights features

Feature Accent

Enhance architectural and natural property accents 

Side & Back Lighting

Bring attention to the magestic trees & little nooks on your property

Architectural lighting

Brings safety and presence to transitional spaces

Mood Lighting

Custom lighting settings to match every sutuation


All-weather sound systems - Getting people outside

Indoor audio and video systems today are becoming more advanced and homeowners expect them to blend in with the architectural elements of the room. 


The same can be done with outdoor multimedia systems and Concept 72 has a specialized approach to integrating the audio and visual elements we install into your outdoor living space.  You don’t have to give up aesthetics for an enjoyable outdoor media experience.

The Design Process

When designing your outdoor sound and media systems, Concept 72 takes its time identifying the key features of the property, and where the audio and visual elements should be placed.  When considering coverage it is important to focus sound into the areas where clients spend the most time by themselves or when entertaining guests.

It is also important to focus sound elements back towards the property to keep the neighbors happy. 

The following is a list of all the services we provide to keep your lights working year round

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